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    Micaela Brown, LPC
    Virtual and In person sessions (by request)

    Hi! I am a counselor, educator, and coach wrapped in one. I help young humans (and their parents) to achieve wellness encompassing mind, body, and soul in order to fulfill their individual purposes. I hold a Master’s of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, as well as, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Human Services. With experience providing services in the community setting and hospital setting, I am passionate about guiding kiddos and families through their own unique healing process.

    I find joy in meeting families where they are and supporting them to collectively achieve balanced wellness. Despite the bumps, bruises, trauma, and obstacles of life, your family deserves to live a life filled with love, excitement, and contentment. While walking with you, we will find the resiliency you and your family have been looking for.

    I value balance, purpose, communication & building resiliency. As the expert of your own family system, we will collaborate to build, or rebuild the foundation for an intentionally content life. I welcome your family with non-judgement, encouragement, & comfort. While walking with you, we will make your vision of a peaceful home your reality.