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    Symone Roberts, LPC-A
    Supervised by Regina Buchanan, LPC-S.
    Virtual and In person sessions (by request)

    So you clicked on this page because stress is trending in your lifeā€¦. Fortunately, I’m able to help you!
    I provide mental relief to:
    • Those dealing with fears or cravings around eating habits/eating disorders.
    • Anyone who struggles with loving who they see in the mirror
    • The “perfect” wife, sister, son, friend, etc.
    • Parents juggling being a parent and managing the needs of their child’s disability
    • Adolescents and young adults navigating transitions into their next chapter of life.
    What to expect in session with me:
    • accountability with a sprinkle of humor.
    • Collaborative experience with you in mind.
    • Putting your “triggers” on safety and helping you figure out life.
    • Support while life is life’in.
    • Therapeutic TikTok lingo
    • Creating curiosity around emotions.
    How I spend my weekends:
    • New release Netflix Friday’s
    • Live music patio brunches
    • Napping
    • Waiting for the latest sneaker drop
    I decided to become a therapist because growing up I saw how powerful it was when I would simply listen. As a therapist, I now listen and have the tools to help people discover a path to an understanding and a solution. If you’re ready to change your life’s algorithm and evolve on purpose, book your first session today!