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    Shatoria Mallett, LCSW

    Have you found yourself stuck in a place that was once familiar but now feels foreign? Or have you recently found yourself struggling with finding your identity after a significant life change? Often it is difficult to identify and put a name to this space. When this happens it can make life a challenge to navigate. However, things are not always what they appear to be Underneath empty connections, “entanglements”, generational curses, unclear and unhealthy boundaries , lies a healthier you.
    Unlearning and relearning is hard. While you may feel vulnerable, uncertain, or confused, I am here to support you and offer tools for all stages of your journey. I will work with you in learning intentionality and using vulnerability as a strength. We will work as a team, to build confidence in being your authentic new self, with your needs at the center of our focus. I specialize in helping individuals adjust to life transitions, building confidence in finding your true self, and with defining healthy boundaries while being vulnerable. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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