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    Shatoria Mallett, LCSW Virtual Sessions Only

    You’re ready to carve out your own path. I am proud of you for making it this far.

    I provide relief to

    • Individuals navigating emotional road blocks
    • People struggling to find tools to get to their ideal self
    • Young adults redefining their role in their family unit
    • Those looking to create a more authentic identity.
    What to expect in a session with me
    • Decoding the messages within your emotions
    • Artistic reflection exercises
    • Unapologetic exploration of emotions
    • Journal prompts or thought recording to capture your actions outside of sessions
    How I spend my weekends
    • Reading for life enrichment
    • Working out with my personal trainer
    • Karaoke-ing ol’ school R&B
    • Netflixing the top 10 Romantic/Comedy Movies
    I decided to become a therapist bc…
    As a teenager I realized I was different and wanted to do things that countered what my family viewed as normal. I didn’t have anyone to affirm my differences to choose another option. I wanted to be that safe space and nurture the differences for individuals that need permission to be authentically them.
    If finding your voice is something you are ready to do, click below to schedule.

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