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  • Counseling for a Balanced Life

    The Balancing Place is a holistic mental health practice that keeps the whole person in mind. Often we prioritize only a few areas of our life while having little time for other areas of value. Whether it be a recent life event, past experiences, or just the unknown impacting our focus, this can lead to a feeling of being “off balanced.”

    At the Balancing Place we work to help you nurture the mental, physical, and nutritional aspect of your life, keeping in mind that spotlighting one area of importance won’t cause you to miss out on other things of value. We do this by offering psychotherapy that teaches healthy coping skills, education on how movement and nutrition impact your moods, and insight on how to access the things that matter the most to you. Each part of you matters. What is meant for you is available. Let’s work together to bring more value and balance into your life.