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    Regina Buchanan, LPC-S
    Practice Owner

    Hey Superhuman

    You’ve taken the first step in exploring “life without your cape.” I commend you. I’m here to work with you to live a more balanced life. We’ll do this by exploring other things that you value outside of “holding it all together.” If you are finding yourself always “wearing the cape” there is little to no time to pour into other parts of who you are as an individual. This is what causes you to feel unbalanced. A common issue you may find is navigating new territory. You’re the person that has outpaced role models, parents, or other family members. I want to work with you to cope with this first-generation success.​

    Learning how to healthily say “no”, overcome self-doubt, and practice self-care while unlearning unhealthy generational patterns can be overwhelming. This can contribute to feelings of depression, worry, irritability, or feeling taken advantage of. These are all signs of life imbalances. These feelings are your body’s way of communicating with you.

    I’ll work with you on how to decipher these messages and cope with your unique lifestyle. We’ll explore thoughts, movement, spirituality, environment, and nutritional influences. This is considered a holistic approach. Let’s get started on inviting more balance into your life today. I’m looking forward to it!