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    Regina Buchanan, LPC-S
    Practice Owner

    You are a top performer. You often feel your problems are not significant because other people “have it worse”. You may have superseded your mentors or family members and struggle finding people to help you adequately. You are resourceful. Many people depend on you “having it all together” Your primary role is the helper and fixer in most of your relationships. The “strong” friend. 

    You are also tired. You feel depleted within most of your relationships. You don’t feel like you can ask for help. Better yet, you often ask who am I if I am not helping or guiding. If not you then who? Or maybe you “stuff” your emotions and feel bad for feeling bad.

    You deserve the love you give others. You deserve to not always have it figured out, heal, and have healthy support while doing so. I get it. I can help you on your journey. It will be challenging however YOU are worth it. 

    Our sessions will allow you to “take your cape off” and just be you. I’ll help you clarify who you are outside of being a “Superhuman” You are allowed to cry, be angry, smile, and receive help. Therapy is one place that you have permission to do so. The tools you gain will help you recognize your strengths and gain better insight on how to apply them to the things and people that matter. 

    If anything above speaks to you, let’s begin the journey to your peace and life balance. I look forward to smiles, ugly cries, purposeful work, and genuine convos as we take this walk together toward your healing. It’s safe now. You seem ready. Call today or click below to schedule. Talk to you soon!