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    Regina Buchanan, LPC-S
    Practice Owner
    Virtual Sessions Only

    Hey “Strong Friend”! I know searching for a therapist can be a bold and exhausting process, so I decided to share a concise explanation of what to expect in our work together. If anything speaks to you, feel free to submit an inquiry form and we can get started. Great job on prioritizing yourself today!

    I provide mental relief to

    • The “strong” Friend
    • People pleasers
    • Individuals establishing identity while in transition
    • First generation successors
    • High Achieving Individuals
    • The “Black Sheep” of the family

    What to expect in a session with me

    • Thought inducing questions
    • Presentation of curious/alternative perspectives
    • Exploring how food impacts your mental health
    • “Ah Ha” moments via connecting science to your real life
    • Crying and Laughter
    • Homework to apply session content to daily life

    How I spend my weekend

    • Yoga
    • Craft coffee shop
    • Practicing Spanish
    • Traveling to a Beach
    • Checking out your latest restaurant or attraction around the city.

    I decided to become a therapist bc

    I enjoy equations and connecting to people. When you pair “looking for X” and connecting with people, you get a psychotherapist…well at least in my mind.

    Let’s get started…Click the Inquiry button below. Talk to you soon