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    Reid Jarreau, LPC-A
    Supervised by Regina Buchanan, LPC-S
    Virtual and In person sessions (by request)

    So you clicked on my name and you’re ready to stand on business. Here’s what therapy is…gentle call outs in a safe space and tools to do life in your authentic way. Let’s get started.

    I provide relief to

    • Individuals finding their voice outside of their family unit
    • Teens understanding and communicating emotions
    • Young adults pre and post college
    • Families needing to improve communication within the home
    • Those needing to turn feelings into words

    What to expect in a session with me

    • Therapeutic Tik Tok references
    • Normalizing your reality
    • Pop culture connections
    • Journal writing prompts
    • Balancing being “outside” and responsibility

    How I spend my weekends

    • Taking trips to New Orleans (home)
    • Devoting time to sorority events
    • Brunching with friends
    • Self care maintenance in your local Sephora

    I decided to become a therapist bc…

    As a result of navigating my learning disability of dyslexia I was introduced to the emotional distress having a disability entailed. I wanted to create a safe place sharing tools of how to navigate life with or without a disability. I saw psychotherapy as an avenue to do so.

    You made it this far so here’s your first “Gentle” call out…click the link below bc…business!