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    Carissa Brown, LPC-A
    Supervised by Regina Buchanan, LPC-S
    Virtual sessions Only

    So you clicked on this page because sometimes life is too chaotic, and you are spread too thin… Come on in and let’s work through it together.

    I provide mental relief to:

    • Those dealing with relationship issues (romantic or otherwise)
    • Those dealing with anxiety, depression, or grief
    • Those who struggle to be their authentic selves for fear of rejection
    • Those who struggle to find balance between their needs and wants

    What to expect in session with me:

    • Curiosity about how you became the person across from me
    • Humor and empowerment
    • Gentle call-ins to expand your perspective
    • Collaboration with a sprinkle of psychoeducation

    How I spend my weekends:

    • Spending time with friends/family
    • Playing videogames such as Stardew or Guitar Hero
    • Going to the park with my husband and dog, Gina
    • Watching an action-packed series on Netflix, etc.

    I decided to become a therapist because…

    I always knew I wanted to help people but wasn’t sure how. I know what it feels like to have your mind on fire; to be stressed and worn out, with no break on the horizon. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you. If that is you, I would love to help untangle the jumble of thoughts and emotions that hold you back. Feel free to book an appointment today!