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    Karen Lewis, Master’s Level Intern
    Supervised by Dr. Kristin Ross, PhD, LMFT-S
    Virtual and In person sessions
    Evening and Weekend availability

    Are you ready to embark on a path of self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment? If so, your journey towards healing and growth begins here!

    I provide relief to:

    • Members of the LGBTQ+ population navigating their authentic life journey
    • Individuals who need help overcoming religious trauma
    • Couples in Crisis, struggling to speak the same language and increase a healthy flow within their relationship
    • Black women defining their role in Corporate spaces

    What to expect in a session with me

    • Prompts to give your suppressed emotions a voice
    • Insight and validation to trauma impacting your daily life
    • Unorthodox coping methods to help you deal in your own way
    • Tools to protect your mind and body while succeeding in a corporate career

    How I spend my weekends

    • Perfecting my facial routines
    • Binge watching the latest trending tv show
    • Enjoying quiet time at home

    I decided to become a therapist because…

    I struggled to find a therapist who I connected with and who didn’t operate from a place of privilege not afforded to everyone. Choosing a therapist who understands your unique experiences and cultural background is essential to your healing journey.

    Allow me to help you rewrite the narrative of your life.